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New Homeowner Lists

Key facts

  • Composed of households that have moved in the past 24 hours to 6 months. You can select any time range in that time.
  • Compiled from a multitude of public record sources.
  • Coverage available in 100% of the United States.
  • Fast – Premium and Daily updates average 2-3 weeks faster than our competitor’s lists.
  • Filters include purchase price, loan amount, gender, ethnicity, dwelling type, loan to value ratio, and more.
  • Geographic tools such as Radius and Polygonal selections available.
  • Telephone numbers pre-scrubbed of the Do Not Call list available.
New Homeowner List

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New Homeowner Mailing Lists

We offer three types of new homeowner lists to suit your needs.

They differ in where the information comes from & how often they are updated.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Your list helps our guys do what they do best – sell to customers that are ready to buy, instead of gold panning for dead leads that moved in a month ago.”

Nick DePalma

Dealer, Elite Water Conditioning

“Over the years I’ve tried them all….Experian, InfoUSA, MelissaData, and half a dozen smaller companies that all seem to sell the same data. Once I found the Compass Premier list, that all changed. Now I ‘m finishing installations before my competition even knows someone moved in.”

Brian Watson

Owner, Five Star Security

“Our practice is in a rural area that only gets about 10 or 20 new homeowners a week, and being able to mail to them without being dinged by constant minimum orders or variable pricing is awesome. We love it! ”

Dr. Rachel Chapman, D.D.S.

Highland Smiles

New Homeowner List – FAQ’s

Where do you get your new homeowner information?

Our standard weekly list is compiled through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests through county offices.

Our Premium Weekly and Daily lists are 100% compiled from deed information filed at the county level.

What makes your new homeowner list better than Company XYZ?

The new homeowner list market is saturated with crappy data. There. We said it.

Over 80% of the new homeowner lists on the market are compiled through one of two means:

1) Phone & utility connects…marketing companies simply buy records of new account activations from the phone & power companies & sell it to you for more money.

2) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from counties….marketing companies email a county 21 days after the deed was recorded asking for the deed information , which the county is obliged to provide due to the FOIA.

Unfortunatley, all of this happens AFTER the new homeowner has moved in, meaning that by the time you get the record, your prospect has already settled in and made their buying decisions with your competitor.

What makes us unique is how we compile our data. Our new homeowner lists are sourced through deed filings! We have an army of field reporters that actually get in their car and drive to city & county tax assessors offices nationwide each week, collecting all the new deeds that were signed. The signing of a deed is the very first action taken by a new homeowner, meaning you’ll get your new homeowner leads WEEKS before the other guys!

How accurate are your new homeowner lists?

If you purchase a new homeowner mailing list from us and use it within 30 days, you can expect a 94% or better deliveribility rate.

What’s included with each new homeowner record?

The new homeowners full name & address, salutation, purchase price, loan amount, loan type, and purchase date are all included at no extra charge.

What filters are available?

Our weekly new homeowner list filters include:

  • Owner occupied vs all
  • Publish date
  • Recording date
  • Phone append date
  • Sale price
  • Loan amount
  • Loan to value
  • Loan type
  • Gender
  • Buyer salutation
  • Residence type (condo or single family)
  • Buyer ethnicity
  • Phone number
  • Square footage
  • Lot size
  • Year built
  • Swimming pool
Which new homeowner lists can I order online?

Currently the only new homeowner list available for online ordering is the Weekly New Homeowner List. Get started here.

The Premium Weekly New Homeowner List and the Daily New Homeowner List will be available for list counts & ordering in early 2015.

Contact a Marketing Pathfinder to request a custom count for the Premium or Daily List. TRUST US… it’s worth it!

How do I pay? What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

For the Weekly List, you can pay online during checkout.

For the Premium Weekly List and the Daily List, we bill your card on file at the end of each month. Contact a Marketing Pathfinder to set up an account.

When will I receive my new homeowner list?

For the Weekly List, the file will be delivered to you via email in 5-10 minutes after online checkout.

For the Premium Weekly List and the Daily List, the file will be emailed to you when the next  update is released. If you need your list sooner, we can send you the previous week’s file to start.

In what format will my new homeowner list arrive?

Lists are typically delivered in two formats – a comma-delimited text and an Excel spreadsheet.

What is your return policy? Do you have a guarantee?

Data is a digital product, and once it has been delivered it cannot be returned.

Our guarantee is simple: At least 94% of all names supplied to you are accurate & deliverable, and we will refund anything over that amount.

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