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About Us

Who is Compass Direct, and what is a 'Marketing Pathfinder'?

Compass Direct is a strangely powerful direct marketing company located in sunny San Diego. We specialize in helping our clients achieve better ROI’s through a combination of quality data, one-on-one consulting, and state of the art technology.

A Marketing Pathfinder is what we call our in house direct marketing experts. They”re here to guide you through the process and answer questions along the way. These guys eat, sleep, and breath direct marketing. Contact them by clicking any one of the Marketing Pathfinder link’s on our site.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve had the pleasure of helping our clients win new customers since 2007.

How many companies have you worked with?

We’ve launched over 27,000 campaigns for over 6,000 customers! Our clients’ overwhelmingly positive experiences and rave reviews have earned us an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

List Quality

Where do you get your information?

We work with over a hundred different compilers of consumer and business data nationally, and some of the unique data sets we compile ourselves. Which source we use depends on the specific nature of our client’s goal. Our data-neutral approach ensures our recommendations are 100% directed toward solving our customers specific objective.

What types of leads do you provide?

Pretty much all of ’em! We offer one of the widest varieties of sales leads & mailing lists anywhere, and if you can describe it, we probably have it. Most can be ordered online here, while others are only available by contacting a Marketing Pathfinder.

Are your lists scrubbed against the Do Not Call list?

Of course! Our consumer data gets scrubbed against the Do Not Call list to ensure all consumer sales leads with phone numbers are Do Not Call compliant at the time of purchase. Just remember that people can add their name to the Do Not Call list over time, so it is ultimatley the customers responsibility to remove these names before calling to ensure true privacy compliance.

How accurate are your lists?

If you purchase a mailing list from us and use it within 30 days, expect the following delivery rates:

  • Consumer mailing lists: 94% or better
  • Business mailing lists: 90% or better
  • New homeowner lists: 94% or better
  • New building permit lists: 94% or better
  • Specialty lists: 94% or better

If you purchase a telemarketing list from us and use it within 30 days, expect the following delivery rates:

  • Consumer lists: 90% or better
  • Business lists: 85% or better
  • New homeowner lists: 90% or better

 List Ordering

Do I need to register to run a count & get a quote?

Of course not! You can run custom list counts & get quotes as often as needed without registering. Although when you do register, you’ll enjoy a suite of additional benefits and advanced features.

Which lists can I order online?

Lists available for search & purchase using our online list builder include:

Lists available for search & purchase using our online building permit shop include:

Lists NOT available for search or purchase online

How long does it take to get my list?

Online orders are delivered in 5-10 minutes. All other list types may take up to 24 hours for delivery after your order is placed.

I can't find the leads I want online. What should I do?

Contact a Marketing Pathfinder and tell us what you’re looking for. We usually reply to such requests within the hour.

Can I save my online quotes, counts and searches?

Of course! When you get to step 3, simply click the “Save Search” button. Complete a short form and you’ll immediately receive an email with your free quote plus a link to retrieve your count so you can always pick up right where you left off.

In what format will my list arrive?

Lists are delivered in two formats – a comma-delimited text, and an Excel spreadsheet.

List Pricing

How much do your lists cost?

Every list is different and every list has a different rate. Check out our Pricing page for details, or build a custom list to get an exact price. We do offer volume discounts, call us to learn more.

Is there a minimum order?

All online orders have a minimum order between $50 and $100, depending on the list.

Subscriptions have no minimum order.

How can I pay? What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. You may also pay by check or money order with a signed agreement.

What is your return policy? Do you have a guarantee?

Data is a digital product, and once it has been delivered it cannot be returned.

Furthermore, we guarantee the highest deliverability rate for our consumer lists (94%) and for our business lists (90%), and will refund any amount of data returned that exceeds that amount.

Finally, all of our new building permit subscriptions do come with a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your subscription for any reason whatsoever, just let us know and we will issue you a same day 100% refund.


How much do your postcards cost?

Our postcard print & mail rates can be found on our Postcard Marketing page.

Are your postcards high quality?

Of course! All our postcards are printed on heavy 14pt C2S gloss cover paper. We use Ultra HD full color printing on both sides of the piece and then apply a semi-gloss aqueous coating or high gloss coating to seal the piece and lock in the colors. This also protects the piece from being damaged in the mail.

Is there an option for eco-friendly paper?

We offer 100% recycled paper options – talk to a Marketing Pathfinder to learn more.

What is the turn around time?

The turn around time for most jobs received before 5pm PST is 1-2 business days assuming we have everything needed to complete your job (mailing list, press ready graphic design, payment).

 Additional Servces

What else do you do?

Additional services we offer include:

Postcard marketing
Email marketing
Data enhancement

Do you offer email lists?

We offer email marketing. We DO NOT offer email lists! Our service will send your email message, which you design (with our input), directly to our list of consumers or businesses in your target audience. We are CAN-SPAM compliant and use opt-in email addresses only. We do not sell actual email addresses. We can also append email addresses to your customer file. For more information, please contact a Marketing Pathfinder.

Do you offer subscription services?

Yes! For new homeowners, new movers, and new building permit filers, leads are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription, as well as on an a la carte basis when you need them.

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