Email Marketing

Reach out to new prospects and win a ton of new customers.


Choose from thousands of demographic criteria to reach your perfect prospect.

Quick turnaround

Launch a new customer email marketing campaign in under 48 hours.

Accurate reporting

Detailed tracking reports and email response analytics.

Returns of over 40:1

Email marketing generated $40.56 for every $1 invested in 2014.

New Customer Email Marketing

Win new customers with a targeted customer acquisition e-campaign. Our approach includes these core components:

  • Strategy consultation
  • Creative design
  • Testing and optimization for browsers and mobile devices
  • Subject line testing and refinement
  • Reporting and analysis

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Customer Retention Email Marketing

We create, manage, and optimize email marketing programs utilizing contacts already in your database, with a focus on current customers. We handle everything – design, landing pages, list management, email deployment, optimization, and back end reporting.

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Email Appends & Reverse Appends

We can append email addresses to your postal and/or phone database, or append postal addresses and/or phone numbers to your email database.

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Reach your perfect customer

Choose from over 4,000 custom search filters to target just the right audience for your campaign.

Same time and money

Custom online ordering saves tons of time, and our 100% guarantee ensures you don’t waste money chasing the wrong leads.

Get a better return on investment

Customize your message to your unique audience. Blow up your ROI.

Email Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your information?

We work with over a hundred different compilers of consumer and business data nationally, and some of the unique data sets we compile ourselves. Which source we use depends on the specific nature of our client’s goal. Our data-neutral approach ensures our recommendations are 100% directed toward solving our customers specific objective.

How much does it cost?

Our email data starts at just 2 cents per record with a 40,000 record minimum blast ($800).

How does it work?

We send your email message to your custom defined list of 40,000+ consumers or businesses for just $800.

You provide the artwork (or we can create the artwork for an additional fee) and we do the blasting.

You’ll receive real time tracking reports after the launch which will include detailed response analytics – open rates, click through rates, etc.

Who designs the e-mail?

You can come to us with your own creative elements (html & text files), or we can create custom designs for you. The rate for creative email development is just $40/hr.

What filters are available?

Our consumer data includes 74 FREE filters and 3,296 premium filters.

Our business data includes 25 FREE filters & selects and 21 premium filters & selects.

When will I receive my list of emails?

We offer email marketing. We do not offer email lists. Our service will send your email, which you design or we can do for you, directly to our list of consumers or businesses. We are CAN-SPAM compliant and use opt-in email addresses only. We do not sell or provide actual email addresses.

How do I pay? What credit cards do you accept?

You can pay online at checkout, or by calling one of our friendly and knowledgeable Marketing Pathfinders. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

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